The children of Maximin Vienneau & Euphémie Cormier (part I)

Submitted by gpinet on Sun, 01/20/2019 - 14:03

Hello everyone,

I hope that the beginning of 2019 is going well. On this stormy day, I thought about sharing the progress of my genealogical research. During the last three months, my genealogical research led me to focus on the immediate family of my great-grandmother Célina (Vienneau) Bourque. She was the daughter of Maximin Vienneau and Euphémie Cormier. She had nine brothers and sisters, all born in Memramcook NB. I completed a first analysis of the descendants of her first five brothers and sisters. Here is an overview of her siblings. You can learn more by clicking on the different links. If you have corrections, additions or even photos that you would like to share, do not hesitate to contact me.

  1. Aimé Vienneau, born October 1, 1855, he married Agnès Gallant on August 20, 1883, in Barachois NB. He married Philomène Melanson on January 23, 1899, in Memramcook, NB.
  2. Justine Vienneau, born May 1, 1857, married Anicet LeBlanc on October 15, 1888, in Memramcook, NB. They settled in Petit Saint-André, near Cap Pelé, NB.
  3. Moïse Vienneau, born December 4, 1858, died August 27, 1884, in Marlboro Massachusetts. He was buried in Memramcook, NB on August 31, 1884.
  4. Maximin Vienneau, born January 6, 1861, married Justine Landry on August 13, 1883, in Memramcook, NB. They settled in Amherst, NE.
  5. Marie Émilienne Vienneau, born August 30, 1863, she married Joseph Belliveau on January 25, 1886, in Memramcook, NB. Several members of this family have worked in the wool and cotton industry in Amherst, Moncton and Norwich, Connecticut.
  6. Zoël Vienneau, born on November 21, 1868, married Herméline Bourque on June 29, 1896, in Scoudouc, NB.
  7. Célina Vienneau (my great-grandmother), born on November 12, 1870, she married Edmond Bourque on October 21, 1889, in Memramcook, NB. They settled in Painsec Settlement, NB.
  8. Donat Vienneau, born on October 16, 1872, he married Isabelle Léger on August 17, 1896, in Cap Pelé, NB. Donat died on June 18, 1897.
  9. Sara Vienneau, born on November 2, 1874, and died on January 12, 1878.
  10. Camille Vienneau, born September 16, 1876.