Calling all my Acadian cousins

Submitted by gpinet on Sat, 07/28/2018 - 10:14

This week brings big changes to the content of my genealogy site. Since the early 1990’s, I have been focusing on my Leger lineage. Has I have indicated before, my grandfather Médard Léger had spent many years researching the Léger family. My mother continued his work when he passed away. It was natural to me to continue this work. Although much work is still needed, I have decided to change my approach. I have been genealogically neglecting my immediate family for too long. So, I started from Generation 1 (me) and have revalidated all my sources and data. Once this was completed, I then moved to Generation 2 (my parents) and revalidated the sources and data for all their descendants. I am currently at Generation 3 (my grandparents). Many names of cousins are being added to my database, all with proper sourcing.

In the long run, the impact on my site will be that I will have data about many of the Acadian families, Léger, Pinet, Bourque, Dugas, Cormier, Landry, Boudreau, Vienneau, Allain, Trahan just to name a few.

Keep following my site, keep sending me corrections and new information. Your feedback is always appreciated.

Today’s update to the site brings the following statistics:


  • 83 385 related individuals
  • 48.90% of the data has been revalidated

Gilles Pinet